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Great American

Urban Legend

Bringing to Light what Dwells in the Dark

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Grab your popcorn and your blanket, light a fire, sit back and relax... if you dare. Join us, now, for an all new spine-tingling, expectation-shattering, belief-rocking, mind--exploding episode of The Great American Urban Legend.

Every Friday Night @ 9PM
The Great American Urban Legend Podcast

Husband & Wife team up every Friday night @ 9PM to explore and unravel the mystery and madness of American Urban Legends


Beginning Nov. 30th!
Serenity Bay.png

A local high school dropout is found covered in blood, sacrificial dagger in hand. The resident beauty queen has gone missing. Demons have taken over the town fair... and THAT'S just Friday night.

Original Audio Story

Coming to YouTube Oct. 31st!
Git gud or git ded (1).png

Amanda is NOT a gamer and is TERRIFIED of anything creepy or spooky. So what better way to get her into gaming than to coach her on some of the spookiest games we could find! Will Amanda get good... or get dead!?!?

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